Saturday, February 17, 2007

Generational Thinking Ft Cee's Family

I used this quote in a 2005 post. I share it again for my newer readers and in light of generational thinking.

So many black women have straightened, relaxed and permed their hair for years, they have never had the opportunity to experience its true natural beauty. The average 30-year-old woman has been straightening her hair since childhood to adolescence; perhaps at least 20 years. And even though she may comb and groom her straight hair daily, she is not likely to experiment and explore what her natural hair texture can or cannot do.

"Let's Talk Hair - Every Black Woman's Personal Consultation for Healthy Growing Hair" - Pamela Ferrell

Don't you wish you had someone to teach you about the beauty of, wear and care of our natural hair when you were younger? I know I do.

That's why these photos of Cee's family blew me away. How beautiful to have an entire family of all natural women! I had never even imagined such a thing....and seeing it with my own eyes gave me such a sense of pride. How proud would I be, if all of the women in my family were natural. We are making progress, however. My mom and sister are now both natural. (Thanks, Cee for permission to share your photos.)

Generational thinking - that's what we must do. Teach our daughters, nieces and sisters, aunts, mothers, friends and granddaughters about the beauty and versatility of our hair in it's natural state no matter the style. Our task is made easier by the fact that they have actual role models in every sister that's sports her Sisterlocks or is loc'd down and twisted, or faded, or cornrowed or fro'd out. We never had that.

I've already asked my son and daughter-in-law if I could be responsible for the babies hair (It's a girl!). Then I can begin to put to work my own generational thinking and perhaps one day, take a photo with my granddaughters and great granddaughters - all natural, of course. Now wouldn't that be special...


Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful..A family of natural sisters....By the way I added you to my blog.

Cee said...


It is just beautiful, thanks for featuring us on your blog. I am sending it to my other sisters so they all can see it.. Was great seeing your again today. I love your blog, it is always so interesting.

minegirl said...

hi blaq, it is good to see a whole family natural, but i beat them to it years ago! i am locd, so is my mum (70+), as is my mother in law, my sister and my daughter (4). the only one not to succumb yet is my sister in law, but i'm working on her. actually as my SLs get longer, she is beginning to look just a bit envious, but no actual comments yet!

ps i really enjoy your blog and check u out nearly every day. my hair is about 2 inches shorter than yours and i think we started at about the same time.

keep blogging!

Dionne, London,

Jena Evans said...

4 sho' keepin' it real~

great post!


Chi-chi said...

Great Post!

It makes me proud too. Thanks for sharing.


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