Friday, March 09, 2007

21 Months - Wearing My Testimony

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"The education of any people should begin with the people themselves..."

The Mis-Education of the Negro
Carter G. Woodson

The dialogue, uplifting posts, new friends, prayers and support that I've received of late from my online family brought to mind Carter G. Woodson's quote above. That's what we are doing through our blogs, web sites, Fotki albums, LockItUp and other groups - educating our people, beginning with our people. That's empowering and fulfilling.

I posted recently about someone who read my entire blog - beginning to end. It blew me away while vividly reminding me of me when I first discovered SL. I read Sandy's site - from her installation to 5 years of loc'dom. I stalked that site reading it through at least 3-4 times. I was simply fascinated by this discovery of mine...a kinda "weird" feeling - natural awakenings perhap? (wink to RJQ) I was convicted of two things: 1.) that Sisterlocks were the answer for me; 2.) that I wanted to document my story as well. (As my locks matured through each stage, I used Sandy's site as a reference.)

You can't imagine my pride at helping to open the door for another. And I've come to learn there are others who have done the same. Anonymous wrote:

I just wanted to say that your blog helped me with my decision to get Sisterlocks. I have been locked now for 9 weeks and can't remember the last time I was this happy with my natural hair. I've given your blog to those that are interested in getting Sisterlocks and have heard all good things. I'm one of those people that have read your blog from beginning to end and now that I have Sisterlocks I go back to see what was happening with your hair each month and it gives me a heads up for what to expect. Thanks for taking the time to document your journey for all of us.

(Mad love to Anonymous, JTM and RJQ, new friends...and blessings. Shoutout to my gurl Char in Cali - you always got me, gurl! I appreciate you.)
As I continue to experience this "cultural awakening," I can share with others who will, in turn, share with others and others....whether they embrace it or not. But rockin' some slammin, neat, funky, NATURAL Sisterlocks is one of the BEST method of sistuhs beginning to educate sistuhs 'cause we wear our testimony!

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Tomorrow I'm 21 months on loc'down and still luvin it. Check out these great pics below that Gigi took at my retightening on Saturday. She has to submit photos to continue her certification, a requirement every two years. The photos demonstrate to the home office that she's upholding the SL method in which parting and sectioning are very important. Look how precise her work is - luv that sistuh!

I know the initial installation cost may throw some - it threw me. But I was drawn to SL. My mind was so made up. I sacrificed and saved until I had enough because I knew that I knew that I knew that SL were for me. I'm willing to pay for the kind of professionalism, experience and quality I get from a certified consultant with Gigi's experience. I've paid more to sit and wait 4-6 hours for someone to put harmful chemicals in my hair - and did it religiously until an internal restlessness wouldn't allow me to continue.

The beauty of Sisterlocks is - should I CHOOSE to care for them myself - I can. I'm no longer enslaved by my hair - but free because of it. And the journey continues...

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Braidout: Put hair in about 20 braids, spritz with Lottabody/water combo, tuck ends under. Take down next morning, finger comb. Pull sides up, clip and go! This style has lasted over a week now and still going strong. At night I pull into a pony and go to sleep. Ahhh! The liberating freedom of Sisterlocks.


Sis. RJQueen10 said...

wow, WoW, WOW! Now I am sittin' here all misty eyed! I am holding back the tears. But I can see from this post you understand EXACTLY what am feeling, what I have been trying to express, and, And, AND EVERYTHING! You are such a perfect creation from God! Now my breathing is truely back on track!
See look, watch me as I breath...deeply. Inhale through the nose (mmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHH) and Exhale through the mouth (aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHH). (repeat 9 more times).

We children of God deserve the BEST, and I am proud that Creyole recommended GIGI and I appreciative that I have you as a "LIVING TESTAMONY"! So many GREAT resources. It can not get any better than that! Oh yes, Yes, YES it can! My inital consutation is 7 days away! March 16, 2006!

I can't wait, so satan can stop playing tricks with my mind, and my concept of self-LOVE and self-worth.

You are gorgeous, you hair is slammin', and your TESTAMONY is oh so real! I humbly thank you!

I have that book on my bookshelf. It is a very great book. Maybe sometime in the future I will blog my book review of "The Miseducation of the Negro" by Carter G. Woodson. You are so well written, I would love to see your interpretation of the book oneday, maybe.

Sis. RJQueen10

Jena Evans said...

Very nice, Blaq... I can remember when... your locs have come a long way... Beautiful, full and lengthening!


Anonymous said...

Girlfriend, girlfiend...

BEEEutiful!! I love when you post and share pictures of your beautiful hair and self :)



Cluizel said...


Thanks for the detailed shots of your locks!!!

muslimahlocs said...

your locs look FABULOUS. thanks for posting more pictures.

i shared your blog with my cousin. i am praying that she will go natural regardless of whether she gets sisterlocks or not. our hair textures are on opposite sides of the spectrum so she can't see herself when she looks at my hair even though i have had sisterlocks for years. you know that "they look good on you, but how would they look on me though?" song and dance. anyway, i hope that she sees you and your locs and gets inspired!

still waters said...


The colour of your locks is gorgeous and your locks are blossoming (thats the best word I think). It has been wonderful to see your locks go through the different changes (: As always thanks for sharing.

one love still

Goodnapps said...

Blaq - you no doubt about it have a slammin blog! Beautiful photos and an eloquent and uplifting way of writing in every post. It's a treat for everyone to share in your journey and become inpsired.

Keep doing what you're doing because it sure is working.

Shanessence said...

Thanks, Blaq! I never mentioned it before, but I just got my SLs a few weeks ago, and your blog was one reason why I went through with it, depsite some initial hesitancy and worries. So...thank you!

I'm currently doing some self re-discovery, and have just done a new post about self-awakening. I'd love to get some of your feedback.

sugamama said...

Go on girl with your bad self! I can't wait for mine next month.
question my sister what lock size do you have. My sl loctician said there are different ones. Girl just tryin to gain knowledge thanks

Linda said...

As always your locks are so beautiful and you serve as one of the models of what great mature locks will look like for all of us one day. Looking at the pictures from your tightenings helps one to appreciate why you have such fabulous locks. You have the neatest parts and it is obvious that your consultant is meticulous. BTW the color is outstanding. What color is it?

BlaqKofi said...

Linda, thank you for the blessing and for visiting. My color is
TextureTones in Light Golden Brown. I went through several off the shelf colors before I found this one. Now it's all I use. I blogged about it here.

Aya said...

Hello. I'm rather new to blogging but checked out your blog through Brenda's(get caught in the act) blog. This blog is quite creative and informative. Also your sisterlocks are beautiful. I'll keep checking.

Maryee said...

Girl, beautiful post pics! I love the retightening shots! Just lovely! Man do I want to color my hair again. ***She sighs***

Your hair will be super fabulous at 39 months. Enjoying watching your journey!

Thanks for sharing, Sis!!!

CloudNine said...

Your comments are always food for the soul! Thank you for always and your sisterlocks are an inspiration!

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