Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Blessings...(Off Topic)

I promised to share some of the things that have recently occupied my time and prevented more frequent blog updates.
My Lil Sis, T - My Shero

My family and I were blessed to celebrate our second Race for the Cure with my lil sis, T. It was an unusually cold Saturday in April with snow believe it or not! (It rarely snows in Texas.) But the weather didn't stop over 20 thousand supporters from coming out to celebrate and help to fund research and a cure for breast cancer. To be able to celebrate another year with my beautiful sister was a blessing indeed...

My sisters: G, T & Blaq
(I'm the oldest, T is the baby. Now you see why I call myself BlaqKofi :-)

Of course, you've met Malcolm already, but thought I'd share another pic of him. Afterall, he's soooo cute. He also happens to be the smartest dog! He already knows the commands "come" and "sit." He hardly ever barks unless I'm out of his site or he can't find me. He's not one of those hyper dogs. He sleeps comfortably at the foot of my bed and is sleeping next to me on the couch now as I blog. He simply wants to be close to me at all times.

He sleeps a lot and crashes at 9 p.m. on the dot. It's just like having a new born. I'm up at 6 a.m. to take him out, feed him and play with him. No more hitting the snooze button for me! I come home every day at lunch to let him out and play with him some. It hurts my heart to leave him and hear those pitiful whimpers. But it's great to come home and receive all of his love. Another blessing indeed...

And yes, I will be one of those people who blogs about her dog...but I'll be sure to include pics of my dog AND my Sisterlocks.

Free style @ 22M
(I've started to get zits, believe it or not! See the huge one on my chin.
I haven't had zits since I was a teenager.
I'm bewildered at this new development and I hate it!
Perhaps my hormonal change?????
I'm trying every acne product on the market.
Just some random thoughts...
Afterall, the title read "off topic."


WandaWoman said...

I was wandering how your sister was doing. Very nice that you all walked in the breast cancer walk together.

Anonymous said...

Great photos as usual. Malcolm is a doll, he sounds like my male Sheepoo, anyway I have a female that will wear you out. I think that is how males are. They make a better dog overall. I love your free style with the head band so elegant. As for the acne let me know if you find a product. I have problems with that off and on myself. It is normally when I am not being obedient with my diet though. I can't stand it. I am glad your sister is doing well.You ladies look great together.

Sisterlocks and smiling

still waters said...

I love this pic of you (:

one love still
ps I missed you (:

still waters said...

Blessing to your sister... and indeed to all your family

one love still
ps you were missed but I understand!!!

Cluizel said...

I LOVE your dog! And welcome to the world of dogs creeping into your Sisterlock blog. lol. I am not sure I haven't had a picture post without Nicolay creeping in somehow.

Creyole said...

Hey T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blaq, can I join the Race next year??

Nice looking family! Girl we are almost at three years can you believe it?

Anonymous said...

Creyole and I are on the same page. I would love to walk with you guys next year. Please keep me in the loop on that.

You look all of 22 yrs. old in that pics and once again I AM maddd at you (lol). Love it girl!

Malcolm is sweet. I think him being a male dog does play some part in that. I know whenever I get another pet it will be a male for sure!

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