Monday, September 10, 2007

Don't Throw Away Da Carusos

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I inadvertently discovered a way to get lasting curls with my fav Carusos (pic above, 27M and The Photo Shoot posts.)
I'm always hesitant to use any products on my locks, but I've been searching for something light to help hold my styles. My locks tend to go flat with the added weight of length.

While browsing "our hair product section" at my fav store, Target (I still do that, more from habit than necessity.) I came across Motions Light Styling Foam for Natural or Chemically Treated Hair. I checked for alcohol content - none. So I gave it a try.
I was freestyling but wanted to try to the foam. I applied some to my locks and finger styled. I didn't see any noticeable difference. The following day I set my hair for "the photo shoot" and I had great curls and body.
The curls still only last 1-3 days. But I've always loved the Caruso's for it's quick 10 minute set and the way they give my locks curl and body. I left the curlers in for an extended period as I got dressed and put on my makeup (maybe 30 minutes). Apparently the styling foam, combined with the steam and leaving the curlers in longer equals a great set. There was no residue or stickiness to my locks.

I don't use the styling foam often and I haven't noticed any difference in my locks. The foam is so light it might even work for looser curl patterns like Brunsli's and Leighann's.

27 month pics after a Caruso set using styling foam:

Click on photo to enlarge.


brunsli said...

Hmmm.... this is indeed a cute look. I might need my smaller Caruso rollers back!

How are you feeling about your highlights now?

BlessedGemLady said...

Great info Blaqofi and fabulous pics! I esp. like the single pic of you next to the product. This should be part of a tv commercial for locked hair styling/products, etc. (is there such a thing ... yet?). And have you been on a SLs calendar yet? If not, you might consider sending that one in for 2008 sis. ;-)

Naturalist1 said...

Great pics.

Aya said...

The curls turned out quite nice. Lovely pictures!!!!

Nu-Me said...

Your hair looks fantastic! The pics are very nice. What's going on with the over 40 pics you submitted for an article on Ageless Beauty?

Locked said...

Your picks are lovely as always. I shall try this foam as my curls dont last due to my curl pattern being loose.

I agree with blessedgemlady that you should submit photos for the
Sisterlocks calender as your locks are rocking.

I can't seem to get the picks enlarged though

Abena Abena said...

Wow, your hair looks so beautiful....I love the black and white photo's.

Anonymous said...

Love it girl. . . . :)
I saw your pics in the journal . . .Work it!!!I just made my year!!!
Ms. P

Unknown said...

Ok. It's been a minute since I have visited your blog. Your locks are simply gorgeous!!! I can't wait until mine are long enough to set and put in a ponytail. I wanna be like you when I grow up!! LOL

V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

Your hair looks lovely! Thanks for the tip!

Elizabeth said...

I just have to say your sisterlocks always look so beautiful!

Sister-in-Locks said...

Hey foxy mama. I may have to give them a try again. You are working it. we need to get together soon.

Miss Twists said...

Hey Blaqkofi,

Your hair looks great!

I think that I saw your picture in the current sisterlock magazine while getting my locks installed yesterday.

Check out my blog -

Take care,

efflorescent said...

Your hair looks awesome. My hair is not as long as yours, but I tried the caruso curlers. It gives my hair a good curl, but I don't like the way it makes my individual locks look. I think I may need to get an extra pack of tiny caruso rollers for a fuller effect. Right now I'm only get a "bumped" look.

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