Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Labor Day

Malcolm and I send blessings your way on this Labor Day. I'll be sitting down for some intimate time with my blog real soon. I'm experiencing life right now, the good and the bad. The ups and the downs. But it's all apart of my Natural Awakenings.

Until then...

Be good to you, be true to self and be natural.


I've rarely set my hair this summer, but I was going somewhere on this particular evening. Most of the summer it's been in a low pony using my B-Tie. I love that thing. Nothing holds my locks as securely.

Malcolm: Miniature Schnauzer, 6 months old. Malcolm has turned out to be not so "miniature" and not a lap dog at 20 lbs. Although, he disagrees as you can see from our pics. I still love him. He's my bud and his daily walks help me to exercise.

Hair: 26M, Caruso Set
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Nu-Me said...

BlaqKofi, I pray all is well with you and your love ones! Your hair is still looking beautiful!

Unknown said...

Roll with it all, Blaq!

OMG, Malcom has grown so much since the last picture!!! still adorable, though!! :)

Unknown said...

aah he is soo cute!

Anonymous said...

Malcolm is so cute and so is your hair!!!

Sogolocs said...

Boy Malcolm has grown, is he still with you every step of the way ? He is too cute.

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