Thursday, October 11, 2007

Each One, Reach One

I received one of the most beautiful post the other day. It read:

Blaq, welcome back. Love your blog and your spirit and your locks. Have to tell you that I showed my 83 year old mom, who has been enjoying the look of my developing sisterlocks, your website last weekend and she has decided to get sisterlocks after a lifetime of covering her natural hair with a wig. This is so huge for her and I thank you and your mom for your roles in helping her to take this step.

What a wonderful testiment! I shared this post with my mom, and she just beamed. Which leads me to sharing her most recent comparison shots. She's still loving her Sisterlocks and feels very comfortable with them.

To Anet, whose 83 year old mom has decided to lock, please tell her how proud I am of her and after she's locked, I want to be sure and feature her on my blog.

Mom Day 1 - 4 Months

Mom - Back (4 Months)


V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

Glad you and your mom can be an inspiration to others. Her sisterlocks have grown and they are coming along nicely.

Sis. RJQueen10 said...


Your mom's hair looks so full and healthy. She is wearing her Sisterlocks beautifully!


Anonymous said...

Your mom's hair is progressing beautifully!

Jenn said...

I am loving how your mom looks !! Its just beautiful !!!! I am so excited for you and your mom..

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