Saturday, January 12, 2008

What's Blaq Been Up To at 31M - Part I

Bonding with like minded beautiful Sisterlocked sisters...

Getting retightened by the fabulous GiGi &
making new locked friends.

GiGi, the best consultant ever.

I met this queen at Gigi's shop.
She's been on loc'down for 7 years.

Watching wonderful movies starring great African American actors & actresses.
If you haven't seen American Gangster,
check it out on the big screen (not bootleg).
Denzel's performance is phenomenal and you'll be educated
about another revealing facet in African-American history.
Albeit not a proud facet - this true story demonstrates the
potential for anyone in America to become successful.

The Great Debaters

A true story, two great African American Oscar winners,
Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker and Oprah
as Executive Producer
- need I say more?

Little publicized, but highly acclaimed Talk To Me starring
the talented Don Cheadle in an Oscar worthy performance
as Ralph Waldo "Petey" Green.

The true story of a Washington, DC,
charismatic radio personality
who just happened to be an ex-con
and who became a shock jock
way before his time. Petey told it like it was and addressed
social consciousness and issues at a pivotal time in
the history of Washignton, DC and America.
The music of the era is slammin', the costumes are awesome
and the storyline is always entertaining,
sometimes funny, deep and educational.

Cheadle is joined by the talented, scene stealing
Taraji P. Henson. (You know we first discovered
her in Baby Boy - " I hate you Jody!!!!...
Ohhhhhh, Jody I love you,
Jody, I love you!!!"
And as Terrance Howard's pregnant girlfriend in
Hustle & Flow who dropped those Oscar winning lyrics,
"Ya know it's hard out here for a pimp.
When he's trying to make the money for the rent."

Other talents included: Cedric the Entertainer and Mike Epps
Both put their comedic personalities aside and held their own with the seasoned cast.

I highly, highly recommend this movie.

For pure entertainment value I've seen Tyler Perry's, Why Did I Get Married. Fun-E as hell! I loved it! I would go and see that again and again. Janet's acting has improved - but hey, da girl gotta do sumthin'. Her albums ain't sellin'!
But Jill Scott was a breath of fresh air.

This Christmas - A feel good African American Christmas movie. Nicely done and entertaining. You can take the whole family. I can't recall any cursing, and they don't show anything that the kids don't see on regular TV. It's a good, entertaining message about family, loyalty, forgiveness and love. Chris Brown does an admirable job in his first acting role. Regina King is lookin' too good and Del Roy Lindo is such an awesome actor. There is something so commanding about his presence.

Listening to great music:

My new favorite artist, Ledisi - this girl is BAD!!!!

Chrisette Michele (another of my new favorite artist)
The beauty with the chameleon voice is a Norah Jones,
Macy Gray, Corinee Bailey Rae, Erykha Bahdu mixture,
without trying to "be" these talents.
She has a phenomenal range
and it all sounds natural and sweet to my ears.

On top of the fact that the boy can just plain ole sing -
Joe sings to a woman's heart.

Angie's always telling it like it t'iz and I love her voice.

Jill Scott - well - enough said. She's in a class all her own.
If you ever get a chance to see her live - don't miss it.
This woman's voice can be so soft and sensual,
but she has some lungs and can s-a-n-g!

Mary J. Blige, the Queen.
MY girl continues to positively lift sisters.
I have this CD in my car, on my home and work computers,
my iPod and my workout MP3 player.
I'm planning a Blaq/MJB treat for my readers real soon.
You don't want to miss it!

To be continued....


Creyole said...

Teh gang is looking so very nice as usual!

Anonymous said...

You guys all look so beautiful with your Sisterlock pride!

All the movies you've mentioned are on my go-see list and I have the majority of the albums you listed...Cool! Love the Reviews!

Anonymous said...

I loved the music and movie reviews...This christmas and Why did I get married were awesome...I saw them both....Outstanding african american actors in their best....You guys always look like you have a great time...

BlackButterfly said...

Looks like fun times! I have all of those CD's (minus Joe) in my car right now and they are all so good. I'm really enjoying Ledisi though. She is slept on. As always, your hair looks good.

Anonymous said...

Ok, y'all are having fun! Save a slice of cake for me!

I saw Amer. Gang, The Great Debaters, and I Am Legend.
{liked all of them!}

Take Care~

P.S. Your mom's hair gotta lot of new growth within 6 Months!
Then again, so do you!
Y'all got that "good-hur" LOL
It looks nice, Very Nice! :)

Anonymous said...

I have seen all the movies listed and love thme all, minus "This Christmas" )-;
We will see Jill Scott here in February. I love her and can't wait to see her for the 3rd time!

Sisterlocks Convert said...

Thanks for the post on the artist - Ledisi. I just heard her two albums and wooowww she is badd for real. My kind of music all the way, she sounds so much like Jill Scott at times :)

Violet P said...

Good readinng your post

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