Monday, October 20, 2008

Blaq-To-Date @ 40M

(Click photo for greater detail)

I have a big work event coming up, so I've been working long hours, and life's been busy. I'm accumulating a wealth of pics to share. Not much time to write, but here's some visuals to hold ya tight till I'm scribin' again. I appreciate how y'all hang in there with a sistuh.

My locks are reviving nicely. The moisturizing has worked wonders. My locks look healthy, shiny and strong. Got my SL vibe back!

DH took me to see The Color Purple in Dallas. It was awesome! The singing and dancing, wow! Amazing, moving talent!

I spent lots of time at the lake this summer with DH and friends. Had great times and learned to water ski. (Hhhmmm...what shall I tackle for my 50th???)

Of couse, my Malcolm aka "Malcolmus" remains a big part of our life. He's a big boy now.

I've spent time with family. I miss being in close proximity to them. My baby sis, had more breast cancer surgery this past Friday. She is my shero fo sho! And my granddaughter is growing fast!

Remember - November 4th - Vote!!!

Double click slide show for greater detailed
photos or adjust viewing speed.

Hairstyle top photo: Flex roller set using Lottabody and the
small (pink or red) curlers.

Lake shots: braid out pulled up with B-Tie


muslimahlocs said...

my prayers are with your sister. your mom looks phenomenal. i can see where you all get "it" from.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blaq,
Best of luck to your sister!
You have been my lock idol for a long time, like you always referred to Sandy, I refer to you and Brunsli, I finally got my sisterlocks about 3 months ago and I always look to your progression pics. When I'm able to color, I'd like to have the same color as yours, it just makes the locs even more fab.
Remain Blessed Always!

CaribSun said...

Good to see another post from you. You are my inspiration. I am growing my short afro and can't wait until it is long enough to install my sisterlocks.

Goodnapps said...

Your hair definitely makes the most amazing curls. I'm sending many well wishes to you and your family.

Sister-in-Locks said...

Lovely family. I wish the best for you all. The lake is agreeing with you. Look slike fun! Fo BIG for the 50th. I say Africa.

Sister-in-Locks said...

I can't type. GO BIG for the 50th.

Allecia said...

My thoughts and prayers are with your sister. Your family is so beautiful. Is your son single? j/k but he does have a beautiful smile like his mom.

Amba said...

Oh wow. I love all those photos. Your mum's hair is gorgeous and she's really rockin' those Sisterlocks. Your hair looks great too. My love and prayers to your sister.

Jenn said...

Prayers will continue for you and your family. Just love seeing your bright smile and those lovely locks !!!

The grandbaby is just too cute... Check you out waterskiing !! You go girl !!!

Anonymous said...

Hello my friend. Computer is back up! Big love to you and your family! I know God will provide. My prays are with you all. Hit back on my email when u slow down.

Lady Butterfly said...

Hey BlaqKofi,
I am so excited to announce that I am now a sisterlocked family member. BlaqKofi, I have been a HUGE fan of your Sisterlocks for over a year now. Mine were finally done 01:05 Thanksgiving morning '08!!! Finally!!! It took my fab consultant nearly 8 different appointments!!! I almost miss seeing her. Almost, I am seriously loving my locs. I just had to say thank you for such an awesome, organized, neat, and interesting blogsite. Your HAIR, family, wedding pics, little doggie, and trips were just amazing! Thank you again for being such an inspiration. I am currently in school and we have a huge test tommorrow so I have to go. I am glad that my hubby and family love my locs too. If they didn't oh well because Sisterlocks is a part of me and the metamorphasis that God has placed in my pathway of process. I am just so excited!!!
Take Care BlaqKofi,

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