Monday, February 16, 2009

mamma dem

I was blessed to spend this past weekend in Texas with my family. Their mere love lifts and encourages me so. We all had a great time at church followed by a fun photo shoot. Allow me to share my family - and check out how mom's locks have grown. I am so proud of her. You gone, gurl!!!!!

Mom, my sisters & me

My beautiful niece, my apprentice photographer and my road dawg! I'm slowly converting her to naturalness. She was my guest at Gigi's Customer Appreciation event on Saturday where she was introduced to every length, style, age and shade of Sisterlocks and sisters for that matter. Look forward to some great pics and a post highlighting this beautiful event full of Sisterlocked sisters and brothers.

Me & T (my little sis and my niece's mom)

I purchased my first hair ornament at Gigi's event on Saturday.
Click the photo for greater detail.

Me and my road dawg...

I have more posts coming your way soon and, of course, more Sisterlocks photos.

Those of you emailing and giving Blaq all that sisterly love, support and encouragement - I love you from the bottom of my heart.

I simply share Blaq - my peaks and valleys with Sisterlocks and life. Cause no matter how the outside looks, no matter how long you grow your locks - what's truly within will ultimately raise its head. If it's ugly on the inside - ugly gone come out. If it's hurtin' on the inside, here comes more hurt to the detriment of you and/or others because like attracts like.

We must ask ourselves, what was my lesson? Retain the lesson, because once you've been there, you never want to return. File it away in the "dat ain't never gone happen to me again" folder and bury that which is dead so that you can give life to a greater you.

I don't have all the answers. Hell sometimes on this journey, I don't even know the questions.

Natural Awakenings - that's what it's about

Each one
teach one
reach one
lift one

And, of course, Sisterlocks.

Until then,
Remain strong, remain focused and remain true to you.

Natural Awakenings
Hair: Mom @ 16M - Caruso set. Blaq @ 44M - Caruso set on freshly retightened locks and a week old braid out.
Photographers: Blaq, Niece, T


Anonymous said...



new2locs said...

You really have a beautiful family & momma is sho nuff sassy with her sl's! GO MOMMA!!!!!!!
I'm glad you had a great time with your family & I'm sure the more your niece is around the natural heads the more she will appreciate it & conform one day!

Be Blessed!

JUST Euphoria said...

Hey Blaq!! had a great time @ the Cust. App. Day I had to rush off to work so I did'nt get to buy jewelry (looks good) or chat with you or any of the other ladies what an uplifting experience I know you seen the Queen with the long silver locks goes to show that no matter what age you still can be naturally free, and your family is beautiful love the orange dress!! stay blessed

Anonymous said...

It really was a pleasure seeign you and your family together. And truth be told, you all look wonderfully made! As other's have noted mom-dukes' sisterlocks are doing their thing! I'm glad you all had a wonderful time with each other. Be blessed!

Muse said...

love the pics and blaq, you are looking great as always!

V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

Lovely Family
You and your mother's locks look goregous!
I'm amazed that you can still get curls from your Caruso's, I stopped using mine because I thought it was pointless. Maybe I need to give thema second try, if you don't mind me asking what do you do to help create those curls and how long do they last?

Take Care

still waters said...

hey blaq your mum's locks are, I am like wow they really are spectacular and you are looking really great too. Orange is a good colour on you. Until next you blog

one love still

Anonymous said...

i hope whatever has or had your spirit vexed has released you. you put out such good and positive energy from this blog that the universe will not allow u to suffer. the pics of the fam are lovely, especially u kissing mom. ALWAYS kiss momma!


SL'd 3yrs

Natasha Dyer said...

Beautiful post. Love you gurl!

Chocolocs said...


As always, your locks look beautiful. The longer they get, the better they look. I was pleased to see your sisters with you; T looks so wonderfully healthy and strong. Your niece looks sweet, you two look good together, I'm sure she must adore you!

I can't believe how much your mum's locks have grown!! They certainly don't look 16 months old!! I'm proud of her and the way she wears her natural hair. Well, as you say, "It's natural to be natural!"

I'm glad you are getting back to being your old self. You give so much to others, and I believe strongly that as you bless others, blessings come back to you.

Much Love!

Unknown said...

Oh My!!! You look absolutely GORGEOUS girl!! I love your hair and your family is so adorable!!

Amba said...

I can't stop drooling over the photos. Your family is beautiful and your mum's sisterlocks are amazing. They really have grown.
And your orange dress is to die for.... Thanks for sharing as usual and for being such an inspiration

Anonymous said...

It's always a pleasure to read your blog!

Anonymous said...

The last picture of you is stunning! Everything looks beautiful; smile, dress, hair. God has truly blessed you and it shows simply and straightforward in that picture.

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