Saturday, March 06, 2010

Just Because We Don't Have To - Part II

In the hushed tones of a golf announcer:  "When last we left, BlaqKofi was on the precipice of deciding the fate of this curl set before her upcoming retightening session.  Let's see how this drama plays out..." 

Reader Denise called it, "Of course your conscious made you wash before your next retightening." She's right. I did, and here are the results clean, styled, retightened locks.  

Style:  Braid Out
Washed locks, separated and towel dried. Braided locks into about 15-20 sections.  Used fewer locks in smaller sections to assists with drying time.  Set braids on Soft Spike curlers to give the ends a more manicured look.

Left braids and SS in over night. Following morning, removed SS, took braids down (the smaller braids made for a more time consuming process. You want to carefully handle locks when unbraiding, especially younger locks. A client was braiding her younger locks too tightly, causing slippage when unbraiding.)  The smaller sections resulted in a tighter crinkle pattern.

One week later, I'm looking tired after a full day of retightening my clients, but the set still looks nice.

Remember, just because we don't have to, doesn't mean that we shouldn't. I'm on a two week wash rotation now.  We can always find a way to do that which we are committed to.  And I'm committed to Sisterlocks! 

Certified Sisterlocks Consultant

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Anonymous said...

HAAAYY Blaqkofi!!!! You are tha bomb my dear, im so very blessed to have you as my auntie, i love your new page, once again you out did yoursself, you always give me a reason to keep you as my inspiration, i love you more and more everyday and i wish you always nothing but the very best. Keep on doin yo thang and shining and let those haters hate because all you have to do is swing your locks in their face and say, excuse me but you must not know IM BLAQKOFI BABY!!!! Lol!! love you more!! Your niece Montrece Q. Parker-Walker

Naturally Mine said...

You are the BOMB Blaqkofi. I love, love this style. I have to try it.

BlaqKofi said...

Thanks, NM! Your comment made me smile and made my day!

Happiest Nappy said...

*Scream*, I LOVE this particular look. Get it! That style probably lasted a while huh? Hmmm, thinking my next wash I will do this!

Nu-Me said...

Blaq your hair looks great. I'm loving the braidout and the length is very nice. Congrats on your one year consultant anniversary!

CheLouissaint said...

The length is FAB!! The hair color is beautiful, I wonder what I would look like with color but I'm too chicken! Also love the orange coat! & the new site is really nice :) I love everything!!

Anonymous said...

Blaq your hair is gorgeous ... will it work with 3 month old SLs? Can't wait to see my locs in a year or so. Love all you do, you're an inspiration. Keep up the good work. Blessings!

rizzio♥ said...

you have an amazing hair :) i really like it and your blog too
congrats, now i'm writting an own blog but is in spanish :D

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