Sunday, August 22, 2010

Me, Myself & I

Most of you know that I celebrated my five year loc'versary by getting my locks layered.  I wasn't really nervous about it, but the end result did take some getting used to.  Above, three looks:  Braidout, Caruso Steam Roller Set, Soft Spike Curler set.

The Pros of the layered cut:
  • My head feels much lighter.  Although Sisterlocks don't pull, I did have a lot of density which was very hot in the summer and took additional washing and drying time.
  • The cut is a little more age appropriate for a 50 year old woman
  • I wear my hair down more often
  • The bangs and layers keep the hair from falling into my face
  • My high pony's fall perfectly, rather than being weighed down
The Cons of the layered cut:

  • I kind of miss my "signature" density

  • I had to learn new ways to style my hair

  • Pulling hair back can be a challenge because of the bangs and layers

  • The cut did away with my highlighted ends causing my hair to look darker.

    Overall, I'm happy with the cut and bangs.  Now I have another 5 years to let them grow back!

  • Click collage or photos for greater detail.


    Anonymous said...
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    QueenLi said...

    Nice, Very Nice. Gives me some ideas for my "40" B-Day next year.
    {or maybe later on}
    Take Care

    V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

    Glad you are enjoying your new look, very beautiful pictures!

    Joyce said...

    Lovin your locs. They are gorgeous no matter the style.

    Terez said...

    I love your locks! They look beautiful.

    I don't have locks, yet. I will get my Sisterlocks in the next month or so. What kinds of questions should I ask my consultant? Any tips?

    BlaqKofi said...

    Thanks, Terez. I"d love to reply to you, but no email address. Read the attached post. Also visit my website: Read the FAQ's. These two things should prepare you well. Congrats on your decision to cross over to Sisterlocks. You'll be very happy.

    new2locs said...

    I like the new look! Lock on sistah!

    Phoenix Rising said...

    You wear your new layers perfectly, a constant inspiration to the other beautiful natural sisters.

    Detra said...

    I LOVE the layered look on you!

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