Sunday, November 21, 2010

Riding With the Windows Down, Jammin'

 John Legend and The Roots.  Spike out did himself.  The directing is amazing!  True Spike Lee.  I had to share. Watch in full screen HD for an almost live experience. (Adult content)  

The weekend weather was gorgeous.  Ride-with-the-windows-down-tunes-flowin'-kind-of-weather.

As we approach the season of thanks.  I reflected on the warmth, love and laughter of Maya, Rene, Tarsha, Karen, Marsha, LaJuana, Roberta and Belinda, awesome clients who I serviced this week.  They show me so much love - from a homemade sweet potato pie, to a thoughtful breakfast or lunch.  All uniquely, good people who make me smile and laugh. They are my family away from family and treat me as such. I am thankful for each.

It was a beautiful 75 degree day today.  I took advantage of the weather with a photo shoot and a long, peaceful, restorative walk at the lake.  My favorite place to be - on or near water.  It's calmness creates calm and nurtures my spirit.  I am thankful for the Universe's beauty.  (Click photos for greater details.  These guys are amazing athletes.)

I drove home with the windows down. Sisterlocks flowin' in the wind, music jammin'.  Thankful for life's simplicities and all of my blessings including those of you who continually visit Natural Awakenings.  Happy Thanksgiving. 

The lake is a great place to people watch.  The dog seemed to speak to me.


NappTown said...

Beautiful pics Blaq! Have a wonderfully blessed holiday :-)

BlaqKofi said...

Thank you, NT....Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well.

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