Monday, December 06, 2010

B Day - Keepin' On

I had fun celebrating with family this weekend.  They showed me so much love and keep me crackin' up! Church on Sunday with mom and sis.  I was surprised by the number of sisters aware of Natural Awakenings and my Sisterlocks work.  Their support touched me giving me a sense of personal pride.

It was nice being in the comfort of familiarity - home.

You know I had to have my Sisterlocks correct for da church-crowd-who-ain't-seen-me-in-a-minute.  And da locks was rockin'!  Gigi hooked me up with the retite on Saturday.  My locks seem to have grown an inch since my last visit!  I wore them in a soft, loose Caruso curl set.  They had bounce and body and wuz all hangin' down my back and!  My apologies, no pic to share.  I know - a first, huh?   

I used to get so bothered when people I hadn't seen in a while would approach me with, "girl, you're so little.  You've lost so much weight." When, in fact, I've been this same size for most of my life.  I now realize what they are truly saying is, "I don't feel good about myself."  So I smile and move on to more positive energy.  Praying that they will one day see a reflection in the mirror they can love.  It's so wonderful to be in a place of empowerment, over my thoughts, my feelings and my actions.  No one can make you feel bad without your permission.    

Today is my birthday and I feel beautiful inside and out.

In the meantime, as Jill Scott says...

I keep moving forward
pressing onward
striving further
keep on laughing
keep on livin'
keep on lovin'
keep on dreamin'
keep on achievin'
keep on believin'
I keep smilin' when I come through
And I cry when I need to...

It's a good time in my life.  I keep on...

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Professional Life Coach
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Anonymous said...

I wanted to extend a word of blessing over your life. Have a wonderful b-day and thanks for being such a source of inspiration and upliftment to young black sisters like myself. What you have shown me personally, is that I should not worry or sweat the small things. For those of us who have no mother figure or strong black female in our inner circle, you are it, providing a word or photo to encourage us along the way. Much love, Lexie from London (England)

Mothermadge said...

Sending you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY "Shout Out" from Georgia. LOL. Enjoy your day!

BlaqKofi said...

M, thanks for the love from Georgia! I '''preciate you!

BlaqKofi said...

Lexie in London....what a blessed honor! Thank you so much for the love and support.

Nu-Me said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Leah said...

Hey, happy birthday. Today is Frankie Beverly's birthday! No wonder he is so cool.

JUST Euphoria said...

Happy Birthday Blaq!! & as always your locks look beautiful

Spicylocks said...

Happy Birthday!! It appears that you had an awesome day surrounded by family and friends.

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