Friday, June 10, 2011

Lady In Red-Part II

 I love the awesome response to "Lady in Red."

Many of you asked if I colored her locks.  She actually colored them herself at home.  I only do Sisterlocks, nothing more.

She used Loreal's HiColor HiLights in Red.

Always consult your Locktician before coloring.  She will let you know if your locks are mature enough.  Color tends to dry out locks so consistent moisturizing is a MUST!

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athena said...

Your blog is very nice! Though I don´t have sisterlocs, I just started small locs, and it was a pleasure to go through all your blog. I couldn´t read most of the posts, but I enjoyed the picture progress of your locs, your great spirit, and the very interesting quotes you had. You are simply beaming! Keep it up!!

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