Monday, October 31, 2011


The more our Sisterlocks mature, the more we come to know them, learn them.  As in life, as we learn we grow and as we grow we learn.  I've been dong a lot of both.

My clients' monthly retightenings are a time of inexplicit rejuvenation, replenishment and growth - physically, spiritually and emotionally.  We have such wonderful moments of sharing and connecting that's unique to each woman.  With one it might be downright sister girl laughing and talking, with another discovering and sharing a movie or music.

For others our time is a safe place for tears to fall and locked words and emotions to freely flow and still with another there's a sharing of consciousness, politics, philosophy or history.  My life is so much richer because of these women.  I get to witness their growth and demonstrate mine. I am honored to provide a place and space for this Sisterlocks Sisterhood 'cause it's about the Locks AND the Sister.

Sisterlocks photos, in no particular order.  All clients with the exception of Mom.

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LotusDoll said...

You are the Queen of Hearts, my dear one.

Terez said...

What beautiful women! You can see their sense of self-confidence in their eyes. It makes me proud to wear Sisterlocks.

Samantha Sophia said...

May I share a photo on my blog?

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