Monday, November 21, 2011

Layers of Inspiration

A good friend and fellow Sisterlocker, MsP, left for her own personal Eat, Pray, Love journey.  How liberating to shed layers that no longer serve us and unveil new ones that do. I am so happy for and proud of her.  She inspires me...

A week before leaving she called to say she was thinking of cutting her shoulder length locks. "Will I be breaking some Sisterlocks sacred rule?," she asked half jokingly.  I said, "you're locked - not locked up." I encouraged her to fully honor where her spirit was leading.

I reminded her that Sisterlocks has dispelled the "we can't grow our hair long" myth.  And because we can, we have all the freedom to style our locks in any way - including cutting them.  Afterall, they will grow back - it's hair.

So she began her new journey with a cute and versatile short cut courtesy of our fabulous friend and Consultant, Gigi who gave her a funky, vibrant outward expression of her inner newness.  What freedom to be and do what is in alignment with truth!
"Change is the essence of life.  Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become."  ~Unknown

Six months ago my eyes surveyed a room of friends and loved ones and sitting right up front was Gigi and her husband Eddy - right where I could see their faces and feel their love and energy as I stood to honor my lil sis, T at her Life Celebration.  Their presence strengthened me.
Six months to the day, October 26,  I sat in the closest seat in eyesight of my dear friend as she celebrated the life of her beloved Eddy, also taken by the unforgiving disease of cancer.  I willed her strength on that day, just as I know she and Eddy had done for me a mere six months earlier. Gigi arranged a joyful Life Celebration that was so much like Eddy. I know that he was proud of his Queen.

She inspires me...

She first became my consultant, then my friend, my confidante, and my mentor, teaching me so much.  I honestly don't know where I'd be without her gentle and conscious guidance. She is greatly responsible for the awakening of my truth and I'll love her forever for that gift.

Our sisterhood was ordained by the birth of her granddaughter, Hapi on my lockversary.  We are further bound by our similar life experiences, even losing those most dear to our hearts exactly six months apart. And the layers of our sisterhood grows as we help each other face each day without them.  Six and half years ago, I sat in Gigi's chair - I thought - simply to get Sisterlocks.  Little did I know it would evolve into a lifestyle of self discovery - rather than a hairstyle.  
(Photos: Gigi visiting me in OKC last month.)


Cutting my locks has always been emotional and difficult for me. I don't let anyone other than Gigi maintain my locks and I've never let her cut more than just bangs and dead ends.  And even that was traumatic.  I found it difficult to part with that which had become such a part of me.

Three days after Eddy's Life Celebration, I sat in Gigi's chair buoyed by MsP's bold life steps, and reminded of life's fleeting moments by T and Eddy - and for the first time said, "I'd like you to cut my locks.  You have free reign. I won't question you - just maintain my length.

I sat in Gigi's chair, inhaling deeply with each "snip" of the scissors and each "thud" of locks falling to the floor.  It was as if part of me was being cut away.  Anything living needs some pruning in order to continue healthy growth.  Otherwise, the old, lifeless parts weigh down, slow down and sometimes even cuts down the possibility of newness.  So often we hold onto that which should be released.  Perhaps it's time for me to shed some old layers of hurt and grief and begin to live and love again.

Gigi placed a gentle hand on my shoulder, leaned over and said knowingly, it's ok - you can breath. I wasn't even aware of my held breath.  I let out a long exhale and we both cracked up with laughter.  I relaxed my shoulders and sat back in her chair - allowing myself to be vunerable - knowing that I'd be ok, regardless.  I emerged with the perfect layered cut.  It felt light, vibrant and free - so did I.

Thank you for the layers of inspiration MsP, Gigi, T and my Sisterlocks and I begin our next journey.

Before/Fresh out of Gigi's chair

Thicker prior to cut/Lighter after cut

Curled Before Cut/After Cut

Day of cut

"The true essence of naturalness is freedom  - 
whether locked, twisted, dreaded, cornrowed or Afro'd." ~BlaqKofi

I was inspired today by an email from Debra W, of Rome, Ga.
Thank you for the sisterly love.  

And a heartfelt thank you to my first client, Monica, who called to say,
"When are we gonna get Part II of Layers?"
Thanks, Sis for the motivation to begin to writing once more. 

Click photos for greater detail.


Abena Abena said...

Hi Blaq,

Sisterlocks, color, and layers still looking good. I wanted to also give you my new blog site, it is now instead of

Stay beautiful,

Butterfly Queen said...

Hi Blaqkofi,

This is my second time posting a comment on your page. I have followed you pre-sisterlocked to current 11mos SL'd and counting. This is a very spiritual yet powerful post. I applaud you for sharing and godwilling one day I get to meet you.

Locked Butterfly Queen

Lynneedee said...

Such poetic words of wisdom, comfort and strength.
I think of you Blaq and your dear sister.
Also of Gigi and the loss of her husband and soul mate Eddy.
You are both such beautiful women; You hair is looking fabulous.
Thanks so much for sharing some of your inner thoughts with me.

Lyn x

The Woman Inside said...

Thank you, for writing and sharing this beautiful post. From the beginning of my journey, 2 plus years ago, till now you have, and will continue to be a source of inspiration.

new2locs said...

Beautiful post. You are an inspiration to many!

ZAR said...

I loooove your writing style. It's so effortless and interesting that it pulls my eye to read the next word and the next and the next till the end.

BlaqKofi said...

@Abena, thanks for the continued love. I'll get you blog address updated.

BlaqKofi said...

@Butterfly Queen - I appreciate ur continuing support. It helps to keep me going. If you were to meet me, you'd probably be surprised. I'm rather introverted, even shy. Writing is another means of self expression for me. I'm just an average woman living life, growing and learning and sharing as I go. Love, ~BK

BlaqKofi said...

@Lynn, I appreciate the love and I'm certain Gigi feels your energy as well.

BlaqKofi said...

@TWI - always good to hear your feedback. It motivates me to keep writing. Thank you, Sis.

BlaqKofi said...

N2L-thanks for the support. Just passing on what I'm learning in hopes others can learn and grow from my experiences. Love, BK

BlaqKofi said...

@Zar, what a wonderful compliment! Thank you for lifting me. Each one, teach one, lift one. Love, BK

CaribSun said...

Beautiful Post! Please convey heartfelt condolences to Gigi. Your writing always touches my heart, even more so now after your deep loss. Please keep writing and posting. I have been following your blog faithfully for the past three and a half years, even before I got my sisterlocks, and even though you may not know it, your journey has been a real inspiration to me.

Emily said...

This is my first visit to your blog. Thanks for sharing such a moving post - your cut looks amazing!

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