Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kofi's Locks - 7yrs


Kreyola said...

Looking good!! I'm looking forward to many more anniversaries.

Trinity said...

Every time I see your beautiful locs, I am tempted to loc my hair. Your hair is beautiful!

Yoli said...

Are you still in love with your SLs as the very first day when you got them installed?

BlaqKofi said...

@Yoli - I love them even more! How about you?

Niko4Sho said...

Your hair has such richness & beautiful colors.
Look Amazing!!!

Soca said...

Needless to say, your locs are beautiful and from what I've read over the years, so are you.
You inspired me to begin my own locking journey (though not sister locs) some years back and more recently, a blog.
I remain inspired.

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