Saturday, September 03, 2005

12 Weeks!

I got retightened today and my hair feels so good! I felt guilty getting my hair done when so many of my brothers and sisters are suffering in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Thousands have been relocated to my city of Fort Worth, Texas. I've volunteered and will continue to do so, but I needed to escape for just a bit...away from anything other than the blatant truth flashing across my tv screen. I have lots to say on that subject, but I'll save it for another Blog with another focus. I will say this, "we remain an oppressed people - only now all of the United States along with the entire world knows it." Now what?

My hair once again is soft and feels wonderful. This was my first time going five weeks between retightenings. My consultant and I decided that we'd go back to four. I like the more manicured look and I had quite a bit of new growth. Yeah for those wheat grass smoothies!!!!!

It amazes me the softening affect the retightenings have over my full head, considering my consultant only manipulates the new growth, doing nothing to the rest of the lock. Yet my hair has this overall natural shine and softness. How nice! I can't begin to tell you how absolutely-wonderful and liberating my Sisterlocks are. Now that's "good hair!" LOL. I have never been more confident with SELF!

This is how I wear my hair to bed, 10-12 big braids spritzed with a little distilled Rose Water. I do this about every 2-3 days. My consultant had no problems with my braid out. Some feel over manipulation slows the locking process. But I am learning what works for me. Everyone's head is different. For instance, I don't have to wash my hair every week. My hair does better with less frequent washings and this was true before I locked. The braid out is fashionable as well as comfortable for work. As I've said before, any day with Sisterlocks is 1M times better than being held hostage by chemicals and beauticians with a captive clientele.

But best of all, I don't have to worry about the wind, rain or workouts...I am free! My locks are da bomb...I'm simply enjoying this journey one day at a time, one experience at a time, one stage at a time. Some of my locks are beginning to get small buds, a positive sign of progressing to the next stage...

Thanks to those of you who wrote saying all would be ok after my last wash (see previous post.) Your comments mean a lot and you were right - they're once again soft and more manageable.

Please leave comments and check back often. Until we meet again, let's lift our brothers and sisters in LA, MS and AL through prayer, effort, resources and love, as the journey continues...

Peace & Blessings


Jazzilocs said...

Beautiful! Your hair is soft and shiny and beautiful.....naturally. So in all it's stages it will never lose those characteristics even when it feel a little rough ;)We ALL have rough patches rough spots rough stages etc. Congrats on your 12 week anniversary! Keep us posted I love your blog!!

Naturally Free Hair Studio (678.467.1867) said...

Hey..I have such a strong desire to help and I am not sure how to be most beneficial. I am in Central Florida but I am wondering in what ways you are volunteering? Great blog, I check it everyday.

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