Saturday, September 17, 2005

14 Weeks & Curls!

Curls and more curls. My hair is changing and I continue to love it. The nape of my hair (the kitchen) is beginning to lock first. The curly que ends are turning up into the lock and they are beginning to get a cylinder feel to them. Not much difference in the rest of my head, but I know I'm progressing. My hands continue to absently migrate to my head as if they have a mind of their own. I love the feel of being able to touch my hair all the way to the scalp without worrying about a thing - and no residue from all the gook I used to use. Distilled water and a few drops of Rose Water concentrate remain my only hair regimen.

I've made a serious attempt to stay away from the curlers. But I continue to do the braid out. Since my 3rd retightening on September 2, I haven't worn any hair ornaments, head bands or scarves. Haven't had to, perhaps because it's gaining length.

This look was achieved by braiding my hair in 10-12 large braids and spritzing well with distilled rose water. But this time I rolled the ends with the bendable rollers. The result - this curly, krinkly look. I received so many compliments at work. I've worn it like this for three days now, without doing anything else to it. I don't even tie it up at night. I just wake up, shower, finger comb and style and off I go. I do indeed LOVE MY SISTERLOCKS. Thank you Dr. Cornwell!
If you had a choice of skin
Which would you choose to be in?
If you could select a texture of your hair
Which would you choose to wear?
If you could give a new name
Would you choose one that would defame?
If you had a choice
Would you choose wisely?

From the Browder File
(Revised & Expanded Edition)
Anthony T. Browder


sass said...

I want so badly to lock my hair. I live in NYC and am constantly approcached by my African sisters to let them braid my hair, which I wear in it's natural state with a bit of mosturizer applied everyday.
How do I find a wonderful salon similar to the one you frequent? How do I have seen so many hairline losses from my sisters from braiding... done too tightly.
May I add your site to my blog. I have a Live Journal and am expanding my horizons:0

sass said...

sorry for the awful spelling... forgot to check:(

Anonymous said...

Hey its me again. I love your hair. My 3rd retightening is next Sunday. You hair is looking beautiful day by day. I love your weekly updates, it inspires me day to day. Check you out next week.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful smile, and hair. Thanks so much for the comments on my blog, i'm adding more as we speak. Please add my link to yours also.

You hair is so nice, i love sisterlocks.



Oh my I love this look on you it is so pretty. I must get some of the bendable rollers. Your hair is growing and looking all so fly. Work them sisterlocks BlaqKofi!!!!!

Jazzilocs said...

I just heard that Hurricane Rita is now a 5 and I immediately thought about you and LaChandra, my Texas sistahs, and I wanna let you both know that you and your family will be in my prayers regardless if u live in a city in the hurricanes path or not. I am sure that you have family that might be affected by this storm. Of course I am praying that this storm blows over. Again you are all in my prayers!!!!

BTW: In case you did not know, YOUR HAIR IS GORGEOUS AND SO ARE YOU

Anonymous said...

Your curls are really cute and you have a beautiful smile.

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