Thursday, June 01, 2006

To T, Part 2

In February of this year, we learned that my sister T has breast cancer.
I had to wait until we were both ready to share her story,
but I do so with her consent.
Please, please do not feel sorry for us.
We have already claimed the victory!
She is a viking, a trooper and a woman of strength.
Perhaps now you'll understand my infrequent post.
My time is dedicated to caring for my sister and my nieces.
Look at her - she remains beautiful even hairless!
And she's always crackin' up her nurses!

Top Left: T, family & friends at Race for the Cure.
T crackin' her nurse up at chemo.
Bottom Right: T, mom and me this past Mother's Day.
Bottom Left: Self portrait, me & T at chemo.

Check out the divas on May 13 at T's house for a barbecue.
T surprised us all with her natural wig.
Most of the time she proudly sports her bald head.
I prefer her that way.
We got our diva poses on...
Then we got our groove on singing Stephanie Mills, "Home" for family!
Well - more like lip-synched "Home!"


Leighann said...

You are blessed with an amazing family! Your Sister is truly, truly beautiful!! I admire her courage and strength. I'm sure she might get some of that from you.

I don't have a blood sister, but you two surely exemplify what a great relationship that can be.

As you asked, no feeling sorry here. Just glad that you have each other, a great family and the openess to share this part of your lives with your on line family.

You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...


You guys are phenomenal. Don't take that for granted. The bond and the strength that you share is amazing and can be felt in this post. I thank you both for sharing this because the victory will now be even more celebrated. Your web family is strong in faith, love, and support.

Go head with ya'll bad selves and dance that victory dance!

My prayers, and my faith are with you.

Creyole said...

I'm deeply touched by the love you all share and I'm speechless. I know that the Lord will continue to bless you as this kind of love only comes from above!

Tee, you have a beautiful family and I can't wait your you treatment to end so you can start that sL journey...remember our conversations???? :)

Love and Peace to you all!!!


Sister-in-Locks said...

Thank you for sharing your story. You are two phenomenal women. I will keep you guys in my prayers.

This story has lifted me up today to stop feeling sorry for myself while others have bigger struggles to overcome. My you guys be blessed.

Funlayo said...

Wow. What a beautiful testimony of love & family bonds.

brunsli said...

What a nice relationship you and your warrior sister have!

Sending love and good wishes from California.

Maryee said...

You and T are a whole lot like J and me. We're close like you two are. You know it!! Keep on lovin' on your Sis!! :-)

CloudNine said...


I have been a sisterlock "stalker" LOL for 3 years. I will be getting mine October 21! I am so excited and happy. I started my blog to chronical my process. However, I am writing to share that I too have a sister who battled cancer. Words can not express how much my sister means to me. She has been my rock, my idol, my mother and a best friend. I watched her go through two rounds of chemotherapy and that whole process. But we too claimed victory! I am glad to say my sister is a surviror by the grace of GOD. She has been cancer free for 4 years and is currently expecting her first little one. I wish you to know that my thoughts are with your sister and your family. As someone who as been there I can truly appreciate the strength, courage and prayers needed to weather such an obstacle. May God bless and keep your family.

BlaqKofi said...

CloudNine, first of all congrats on getting locked on Oct 21. You will LOVE Sisterlocks. But most of all thanks for the encouraging words regarding my 'lil Sis. It helps to hear from someone who has endured and gives us both strength. I'll make sure T reads your post. Thanks again and God Bless you, your sister and the impending little one.

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