Sunday, April 15, 2007

Blaq, Dr. Cornwell & Beautiful Locks

Meeting Dr. Cornwell at our recent DFW Gathering was a highlight for me. She is quite down to earth - no airs about her. I've read this about her often, but once you meet here face to face you clearly understand that it's true. She's a petite woman, in fact, I'm proud to say that I am taller than her!

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there's an even broader group of those who sport Sisterlocks in the DFW area who don't participate in LockItUp or blog, many locked for more than 5 years. Meeting them, sharing and hearing their experiences added to the afternoon.

It's always wonderful to see my friends Creyole, TRA, Sister-In-Locks, Maryee, Jen, Detra, Diane and Ally. And meeting RJQueen10, who will be locking next month, was an added treat. But the best part of the whole event was sharing it with my lil sis, T who was my guest. I admire her strength and beauty so much. She never meets a stranger and practically knew everyone from their blogs. So she had no problem striking up friendships while I handled my hosting duties. Mad love to Sheila, RJQ, and everyone else who made T feel so welcomed.

Many thanks to Maryee and Jen for helping out with this event - my true sisters indeed! Enjoy my pics of our afternoon with Dr. Cornwell and lots of beautiful Sisterlocks. Dr. C took plenty of pics of her own, hopefully, some of them will turn up in the next Sisterlocks Magazine.

Rather than write my perspective of the afternoon, check out Ally's post, "An Evening of Inspiring Women" here. She and I share the same perspective of the day and our "natural awakening." She did a beautiful job of capturing both.

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Thanks Blaq I will be on the look out for those pics (:

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