Sunday, April 22, 2007

Blaq's Baby - Havin' A Baby

My granddaughter will be born in a few weeks and to say I'm excited is an understatement. I had the pleasure of throwing a shower for my son and daughter-in-law this Saturday. (The last of four consecutive Saturday events - which is why I haven't had time to blog.) I took the opportunity to remind them of their promise to allow me to care for her hair - naturally, of course!


muslimahlocs said...

i cannot believe that you have a grown son, much less a grandchild on the way. you look phenomenal. keep doing whatever you are doing it, pacakge it, bottle in and sell it if you can.

Funlayo said...

I remember reading your blog about a year ago and seeing you at your sons graduation. I still can't believe you have a grown man as a son. You look like his sister.
You definitely have great genes :)

Anonymous said...

I know you can hardly wait for that baby girl get here. I am very excited for you and the parents. You are going to be T-totally in love at first sight!

ELocks said...

You do not look like you can be his Momma! Gurl, you look great and your journey has truly been an inspiration to me :-)! Congratulations to you and your family on the arrival of your "Future Sisterlock Princess :-)!"
-Sisterlocked 2wks.

Sis. RJQueen10 said...

Congratulations grandma or nana or what will you natural hair care wearing first grandchild call you? You produced with help of course from the father and THE FATHER a handsome son. Your grandbaby is going to be beautiful, Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL.

It is amazing how stong family genes can be. My daughter favors me a lot and have many of her father's features but she also looks just like my husband's mother. I saw a picture of our twins grandmother when she was 18 months old (it was a black and white photo) and I thought it was my daughter. I made a copy of the photo and put it in her first 5 years baby book that I am making for her and her brother and I will give it to them when they leave for college.

Sis. RJQueen10

still waters said...

Congrats !!!!

I missed you

one love still

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