Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sisterlocks, Free Style, Caruso's, Soft Spikes & Dinner

I had dinner with a few of my Sisterlock friends on Friday in downtown Dallas. A great way to end the work week.

Here's Sister-In-Locks, who recently celebrated a birthday. Her highlighted locks are da bomb! She set her hair with Soft Spike Curlers. S-I-L is almost 3 years locked.

This is my new favorite pic of Detra. Her locks are dark, healthy, shiny and frame her face so well. She's great at doing the freestyle thing. But admitted recently falling in love with the Caruso's. Pics, Detra, pics! Detra locked right after Creyole and me - so I'm guessing she's coming up on about a year and a half or more. (Ladies email me if I'm way off with the timeframes.)

Creyole and her locks look gorgeous in this shot. She has a natural beauty. Her locks are really filling out nicely. She maintains them herself and finds retightening her own hair relaxing. She will be locked 2 years this month.

If you're fully locked AND your hair is healthy AND you condition AND moisturize color can be fun. You can even highlight SL!

And what can I say about this pic except they should be Sisterlocks models.

Mad love and a big shout out to our girl TRA who had a conflict and couldn't make it. It wasn't the same without you!

(I'm wearing a Caruso set in these shots. As my length grows, they give me a little body but not much curl. They're great for short and mid-length hair and when your locks need a lil sumthin' sumthin' in a hurry.)


Sogolocs said...

Hey Blaqkofi,

Looks like your ladies had a great time. You all look wonderful and confident. I finally starting blogging, when you get a chance check it out. I was formerly Sonia and now I am Sogolocs. So now you can put the name with a face.


still waters said...

Lookin lovely ladies!!!

one love still

Brenda said...

You all are such an inspiration - not just the hair, but the friendship! It's just the kick I needed to organize a Philly lunch since last October was the last we got together. Thanks!

Goodnapps said...

Oh you all have got it going on something out of this world. All of you look so good with a major capital G. All I can say is hot stuff!

Sis. RJQueen10 said...

All of you phenomenal women represent Sisterlocks with excellence. Keep doing what ya do!

Beautiful photos!

Sis. RJQueen10

Aya said...

Looks like everyone was having a great time!!! All of you look great.

Anonymous said...

im a teenager and i want to do my hair in a different style besides curly and straight. i have shoulder length hair. any help?

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