Monday, May 07, 2007

Twist It Out @ Almost 23 months

I'm in a really good mood tonight. I had dinner with Gigi at a great restaurant, wonderful food and wine, awesome bread pudding dessert, good conversation and just a relaxed atmosphere after a busy Monday. We both needed it.

I'm three days away from my 23 month loc'versary! I rolled my hair with soft spike curlers last night, but it didn't fully dry. (I rolled it too late.) It's only May and our temp was 85 today and that's cool for Texas. I have so much hair - whah...did I say that?....yes, like I was saying...I have so much hair, it was really bothering me today. The Lottabody makes my braids expand, giving my hair body and fullness, which I really like, but the volume also makes for a lot of hair to deal with.

I talked to Gigi tonight over dinner about cutting me some bangs, 'cause the top of my hair can sometimes be flat and it doesn't hold a curl well. She nixed the cutting thing in the bud. I wear head bands but the pressure at the nape of my neck is bothersome and pulls the locks in the back which is uncomfortable or I find myself with a headache mid-way through the day. What to do?

I came home tonight and played around with flat twist for the first time. Just something to keep my locks out of my face, but still stylish and walla! Here's my first attempt. It was really easy. Although I'm sure I can do a better job with a little more practice. I stopped at the dollar store and baught some of those small butterfly clips, but they were too small. I wound up breaking most of them. So I secured the ends of the twist with black rubber bands.

I like the look alot and I love the fact that my hair is out of my face without head bands or anything causing pressure to my head or my locks. I'm sure that I'll play around with this style a lot more during this summer 'cause Texas heat ain't no joke. And I certainly don't plan on cutting my locks. Afterall, I'm almost at 2 years. I know you can see that I need some color, but I'm holding on to get my highlights for my two year anniversary. I'm a little nervous....highlights are a bit of stretch for me...but I'mmo do it anyway 'cause I'm Sisterlocked and free!

By the way, Malcolm liked my flat twists also!

Addendum: Don't use black rubber bands to secure your flat twist. They're VERY HARD to get out. A reader suggested using strands of my locks and tie them like a bow tie to secure the twist. Great idea! Thanks, Lisa.

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Creyole said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your Hair looks great!! What a great problem to have, 'so much hair'. You breakin clips and eerthang :)


Cluizel said...

Cute! That style looks really nice!

Malcolm is sooo cute! :)

still waters said...

Looking forward to those hilites!!!

one love still

Ms Stella said...

When my hair finally locks or grows another 2 inches (whichever comes first), I'll be using your pics for style inspiration.

You know how to work some Sisterlocks!

Anonymous said...

love it! i have been keeping my hair up and out of the way to. One reason is so I don't mess with it but the other is the heat that is on the way!

Mali said...

You look SOOOO cute with this style! Just adorable!

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