Thursday, June 14, 2007

Celebrating - Shades of Locs

My consultant and friend, Gigi and SilverFox joined me for dinner at a live jazz venue in Fort Worth on Saturday. We started the evening with a glass of wine at my home. Mom took this pic with not quite all of our heads. (She's not that comfortable with technology :-). Or maybe she was just trying to get her baby's face (tehe).

There was a two hour wait at the restaurant, so I took the opportunity to tour the ladies around a portion of Fort Worth since we typically drive to Dallas for entertainment.

The wait turned out to be well worth it. We started the evening with appetizers of fried green tomatoes, sauteed shrimp in a wonderful sauce and martini's. Followed by scrumptuous entrees of salmon. I opted for the fried catfish (a southern favorite) collard greens and sweet potatoes. We ended the evening with home made peach cobbler topped with a scoop ice cream and key lime pie.

We enjoyed the live smooth jazz, good converation and great food. The evening turned into an impromptu Sisterlocks celebration as both SilverFox and I reached the two year mark.

It was a wonderful evening of sisterhood and shades of locs.

(Hairstyles: Blaq-Caruso Set; Gigi-Soft Spike Curl Set pinned in bun; Silverfox- free style with flat twist in the back pinned in bun. I should have gotten a pic of the back of their hair. Both styles were too cute and creative.)


Sis. RJQueen10 said...

Please tell GIGI that the grey at the roots is beautiful, Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL and so natural looking. SilverFox has got it going on, that they are inspirations to my future post on MY GREYING HAIR. You hair is so awesome and so are you. Thanks for being here for us newbies.

Sis. RJQueen10

Creyole said...

Don't you ladies look soooo beautiful! I'm sure you all were turning heads left and right and upd and down. Go girls go!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! You guys look sensational! A lovely group indeed. I love all the shades.

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