Thursday, June 14, 2007

For Those Contemplating...

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I've read so many comments of late on LockItUp about the "plucked chicken look" that I wanted to post these pics for the potential newbies to view for themselves. I have never used that term personally. Even at this two day stage I felt beautiful. I was so happy with my new found freedom, in awe of the never before softness of my hair and my natural liberation, that all I felt was pride and excitement. I was actually surprised that the spacing didn't seem to be as prevelant as I had anticipated and how comfortable I was - finally - in my own skin!

Here's a good response that Sandy, LockItUp group owner, provided today regarding thickness, density and scalp showing at the beginning stages of Sisterlocks:
Afterall, it's natural be natural! - BlaqKofi
"When we talk about thickness there are actually two things involved. The actual thickness of the individual hair shaft and the density of the hair. I think density plays a bigger part in whether or not a lot of scalp shows. The density relates to how closely the hair strands are clumped together. For example, one person might have 100 strands in an inch of scalp. Another person might have 80 strands in an inch of scalp. In this example the person with the higher density (100 strands/inch) would be less likely to have a lot of scalp showing.
This discussion is a great example of how locks in general (and Sisterlocks in particular) are never the same on any two people. Each person's journey is different because there are so many things that effect our hair and how it matures into locks." - Sandy, LockItUp Group Owner
So for those of you contemplating Sisterlocks take the first step to natural liberation! This early stage is just that - early - very soon surpassed by many more fulfilling stages on this loc journey. I have felt naturally beautiful and free with every stage and my joy continues...


Sis. RJQueen10 said...

I hope many in the LockItUP crew come here to see how beautiful your hair IS and HAS been throughout the whole Sisterlock process. I saw the threads about the "plucked chicken look" but I refused to read them, because I thought that was such a negative way to view oneself. Also I did not have an alternative view to help them adopt. Without having reads the posts @LockItUP I believe this is PERFECT response. You are such an awesome person for us newbies.

Sis. RJQueen10

Anonymous said...

Hey mom, just passin' through. Lovin' the blog! and thanks for putting our picture up from Ovation, I had a good time. We need to visit again when time allows. good luck on your short story...could be 10G's ? ? ? :-)

yo son, KD

blackrussian said...

Excellent post, wonderful pics.

Anonymous said...

I also want to thank you for posting your before and after photos. Your hair is so beautiful.

I don't know if it's me but when I look at my install pics I never thought the amount shown in the pics was actually that visible. Going through the initial process makes me more thankful for where I am now.

You are definitely an inspiration in the Sisterlocked Community.

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