Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bummin' Around Da House & Product Reviews

I thought I'd share some products and pics of my locs during my down time. When I'm around the house on the weekends and evenings, I simply wear my hair like this.

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Because of my natural layers, it's difficult to put them up in a ponytail. Separating my locs like this prevents the hair at the nape from pulling.

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Here's another Saturday "do" that I was just playing around with while bummin' around. Next time I'll try the flat twist all the way to the back.

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I found some thicker black bands at Family Dollar and these clips - both work great. Why spend a lot of money until you find what works.

I love these claws. They're large enough for my thick hair. I purchased them at Target.

My black Soft Spike Curlers - nothing new. But, I found a convenient way to store them. I used a bag from a set of new sheets! It has a handy zipper closure and is the perfect size.

I use these clips when sectioning my locs for rolling or braiding. If I ever had the desire to attempt to retighten my locs, I suppose they'd come in handy then also. The rounded ends prevents hair snags.

I found a local store to purchase JML products. I blogged about the protein conditioner here and continue to use it and really love it. It leaves my hair soft, clean and moisturized. Since I began using the JML Protein Conditioner, I haven't used any natural oils after washing. I only recommend it, however, for mature locs. I use it full strength because of the thickness of my locs. Those with a loose curl pattern may want to dilute 50/50 or some other combo because of it's rich consistency.

The Tingle Shampoo isn't for me - it has a strong medicated smell. It does make my scalp tingle and feel good - but the scent is too strong for my liking. I felt as if I was walking around with menthol on my hair (remember Vicks?)...LOL.

The leave in conditioner is awesome. I rarely use it, but when I do there's no residue, it doesn't weigh down my locs and there's no sticky feeling.

Just a few items I thought I'd share as my natural awakenings continue.

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(Hairstyle: 2-3 day old braid out at almost 24m)


Goodnapps said...

Time for me to do some shopping!

That hairstyle of yours is soooo pretty. With the clips and layers, very unique touch!

Thanks for sharing lady.

Unknown said...

Beautiful!! Thanks for the product update! I didn't know there were rounded clips on the market. In a few months I'll be on the lookout for them :)

KnottyAuthor said...

i do love the JML conditioner..and i wear my hair like that on weekends too! for the same reasons.

Pebbles said...

What do you consider to be mature, teenage, baby locks?

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