Sunday, January 27, 2008

Product Review: Soft Bonnet Dryer

I found this Soft Bonnet Attachment at Sally's and I love it! It's portable, attaches to any blow dryer and the bonnet is large enough to fit over my bendable rollers or Soft Spike Curlers.

I use it on low heat to help dry my locks on the occassion when I've washed late in the evenings and want to be sure that my roller set is dry by morning. I don't recommend heat for those newly locked.

For those of you with mature locks looking for a convenient, economical alternative to a hood dryer the Soft Bonnet Attachment works just as well without the bulk and costs less than $20.

It flattens easily when not in use and is wonderful for traveling. (I should have taken a photo of it flattened. I would but, it's on my head right now as I blog :-). I'll take one and post soon.)

Peace & blessings,



Amba said...

Hmm sounds interesting. Will look out for it on my next Sally stop. Thanks for sharing as usual.

Anonymous said...

When I start styling my hair I'll definitely need this. I detest holding a blow dryer..

Unknown said...

The only thing about this kind is the hot hose laying on your neck. But I think it's a fab idea for travelling because hotels almost always have blow dryers in the room.

SeZ said...

You look Fab and your hair is so natural and the color fits you well.

Anonymous said...

Blaqkofi, its been so long since I've spoken to you on yahoo messenger. Wow your locks have grown and still look gorgeous. I remember back then in 2006, checking out your blog and being overwhelmed with locspiration. And now I am locked. YAY! I took the plunge this past September. Come check out my blog I could use the advice of an experience locker!

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