Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thanks for the Luv & Encouragment

Thanks for the warm reception ladies. I have missed you all. You are indeed a blessing in my life. I get such joy sharing my Natural Awakenings with you whether they be mundane or deep. I'd like nothing better than to be able to blog everyday if I could.

To my original OG Sisterlocked friends - good to hear from you. Whether we see each other or not - I know we're down for life. Tra, looking forward to running into you again at the Jill Scott concert in Feb. You know the location (wink).

Thanks to everyone who continues to encourage my mom on her Sisterlock journey. She gets such a kick when I read your messages to her.

To my new friends and readers. Thanks for the love and encouragment. It motivates and strengthens me.

DiVa La Reine - I know your locks will rock. My fam teased me too because I was and remain so passionate about my locked journey. But now they understand. You too will be a living, breathing Sisterlock testimony. Your locks will encourage others to step into natural freedom. Thanks for reaching out.

Amba - much love! Keep coming back, my sister. I appreciate you.

BlaqueGoddess - True, it is greater later and the time flies. Read my early post. Stay strong, stay true to self and stay natural. Everything will fall into place. I appreciate you.

This Sisterhood goes much deeper than the naturalness of our hair. Keep coming back, showing the love and I'll keep sharing and together we'll experience Natural Awakenings...

Peace & blessings,



Anonymous said...

Your locks look nice, Very Nice! :)

It is great to see your mom {a woman of that generation!} loving her natural hair!

you can have all that snow girl, I'll stay in the south!
I no longer have my locks, and I have a few pics of my loose hair on my blog. {Thinking of growing another set though}

Take Care~

Anonymous said...

And I was just going to ask what was going on with Max...they are like kids, but he looks big now! thanks for keeping up the blogs and the great hair regimens. I for one appreciate it as someone who isn't paitient enough to blog and loves to learn. I'm also trying to get my mom inspired by yours, she is on the fence but does'nt want to give up her color every 2 weeks due to grey. SIGH

Naturally Sophia said...

How nice your locs and arms are! And you said here you're a grandmother! My goodness, you certainly don't look it. I love the spirals. Nice posts.

CheLouissaint said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to write back in response to my comment! It made my day, I would feel blessed to have a crown of locks as regal as yours. I really do hope to encourage others to be natural. Lord knows I'm always trying to give my friends that extra push. I look foward to seeing your progress and sharing mine with you.

Samara Leigh said...

Your hair looks fantastic. I love the color you've chosen. BTW, you've given me a new goal for what my arms should look like. LOL

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