Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mom's Styling & Other Locks

Many of you have asked about the status of mom’s locks. I had the opportunity to travel home this past weekend to see my family and get retightened. It just so happened that mom was retightened on Thursday. Check her out at 14 months!

She’s never set her locks because, “my daughter moved out of town and I don’t know how.” Well no more excuses! I took her shopping and got her the Caruso steam curlers, flex rods, and ordered her some soft spike curlers. I showed my 22 year old niece (below photo) who is in cosmetology school how to roll, style and crinkle her hair. So mom’s set now!

Although mom's at 14 months, she's still not completely locked and continues to braid and band. She has a loose curl pattern and soft hair. The back is locking first because there is a coarser grade of hair. But it has filled in nicely and she's happy. She complained about not having enough volume. But now that she knows how to set her hair, she'll be another walking, talking Sisterlocks testimony. I'm so proud of her. She doesn't like change and I continue to be amazed that she even considered locking. Go head mom with yo bad self!

More pics of mom and me and three generations: Mom, Me & my granddaughter. (Working on getting her natural.)

When I arrived for my retightening appointment, Gigi was just finishing this beautiful queen, KD, who’s been on loc’down for 3 years. Thanks, KD for allowing me to take your photo.

I returned on Saturday to purchase some Sisterlocks shampoo and this sister was getting an install. I couldn’t pass up a photo op for my blog! I didn’t get her name – but thanks! She was being installed by Tafi Adgers a new consultant in Gigi’s shop.

Introducing Tafi Adgers, Natural Hair Image Consultant Trainee. Tafi wore traditional locks, but came over to da Sisterlocks side three weeks ago. Welcome home, Tafi and best wishes on growing your consulting business.

I'll have an update soon on my lock status and some new products I've tried. As you can see, they are growing!!! Styles: free style & caruso set.

Click photos for greater detail.


muslimahlocs said...

your mom is retro-inspirational. i wish some of the elders (incl. men) in my family would go natural but i am not holding my breath. hope all is well in ok.

CheLouissaint said...

your mothers locks are beautiful, I want to show my mother her picture I'm not allowing her (flipped the scrip lol) to get a perm and I've been hoping that as my locks grew she'd grow to love them and want them for herself. So far all I've been able to convince her to do is an occasional two strand twist, I have a feeling seeing them on your mother may change her mind. You have a beautiful family Blaqkofi.

Stay blessed!

V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

Your mother's locks are progressing nicely.I hope she enjoys all the lovely products. Both of your locks look lovely. Thanks for sharing those photos of the ladies their lock are beautiful. Take Care

Anonymous said...

Your mother's locks look great!

I've been trying to talk my mom into Sisterlocking or even locking since she has been wearing the twist extensions for the past couple years. She says she wants something different....We'll see what happens?

Anonymous said...

Hi Blaq, My name is Cynthia and i'm actually a consultant in the Los Angeles area. I have been following your blog for inspiration since my locs were installed 2 yrs ago. I discovered your blog just days after installation. I can truly say you have been my mentor as a wearer as well as a consultant.

Your mom has such beautiful locs. I actually got chills and a little emotion when I saw them. She's gorgeous. I think it is so wonderful when our elders are able to think outside of the box. I am hoping to convert my mother and certainly will share pics of your mom.

Thank you so, so much.

Jenn said...

Go ahead mom !!! They are beautiful and growing !!!! She looks just darling with her SL's.. And you are looking good yourself ma'am...:) I am sooo glad your niece will be helping her out with styles.. Watch, you are going to come back and she will have made up some styles of her own !!! LOL

still waters said...

KD and her locks are just beautiful! Tafi welcome you are picture perfect! The newly installed rock your babies! (: Thanks for sharing Blaq !

ps moms looks great can't wait to see her stylin now that she's got the tools!
one love still

Naturally Sophia said...

I just love your blog! So cool that your mom has locks. My mom really hates locks. Your mom's locks are beautiful and so tiny. I also really like the young lady's locks that are 3 years old. I like the way they framer her face. everyone looks like they are happy and glowing, :D

JUST Euphoria said...

your mom is rocking her locks beautifully, I so look forward to your new post if it not had been for you I would have never had the courage to get sisterlocks so thank you.

Lakia said...

beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

WandaWoman said...

Your mom's locks look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Great pics Blaq! I love the set on your mom but her freestyle is beautiful too.

I can speak for Tafi...she does a great job retightening. She took care of me when I needed to change my appt. and Gigi was full.

Her locks look great too!

Anonymous said...


You have such an inspiring blog page. Thanks for sharing the photo (from GiGi's place) of my locks with your bloggers.

Maryee said...

Mom's locks are awesome! The other ladies look fab as well! Thanks for sharing.

Kim said...

Hi Blaq!!

Just wanted to stop by to show you a lil luv!! I love Tafi's sister locks. I am wanting to do the same...but the patience is killing me. I don't have far to go...I guess I am excited to see how it will look. I hope it looks as good as Tafi's!

Thanks for sharing with us!! Blessings Be!

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