Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We Are The Ones Song - Obama

Watching the Democratic Convention this past week, seeing history being made - our history being made - watching Michelle Obama, an African-American woman address our nation -anticipating what is to come on Thursday when Obama addresses the nation - I am motivated to share this post despite it's off topic subject.

Click on the title above "We Are The Ones Song" and prepare to witness and hear something that is sure to move your emotions and hopefully your efforts to
V O T E!

The lead and close is Zoe Kravitz, daughter of Lenny and Lisa Bonet. She has her parents' charisma and obviously their talent as well.

A change is gonna come!
(Be sure to stop the music on my blog page before going to the link.)


CheLouissaint said...

Oh I loved that video, Zoe Kravitz has a hauntingly beautiful voice. Have you seen the other other one patterned after his speech? The name of the video doesn't come to me right away and I'm not on my home computer or else I would look it up. I know it's also directed by Will I Am. Michelle Obama is definitely someone to look up to, after listening to her speech and seeing her children light up at the sight of their father on the screen ignited a fire of hope in my soul. Beautiful black family. I can't wait to vote for the first time ever!

Nubian1 said...

Yes I saw this video several weeks ago.....gave me goose bumps watching it....this is surely history in the making and I am sooooo glad I am one of the generations alive today to witness and experience the energy surrounding it all.

Much love and faith.

Sis. RJQueen10 said...

Thanks for having this posted on your blog spot for ALL to read, see, and HEAR! Once again, it is beautiful, powerful, and TRUE!

I am going to VOTE, because I CAN! I pray everyone exercises their right to vote...

Sis. RJQueen10

Sis. RJQueen10 said...


I have not followed the politics very closely this year, actually this is the most active politically that I have ever been since I cast my first vote at the age of 18. I am voting because Obama is the better candidate (in my opinion) and also because he is BLACK. This is history in my lifetime.

I was just showing my twins a poster with all of the previous Presidents of the United States of America. I asked them did they notice anything about all of the Presidents? I asked them what color were the Presidents? My son said "white" and my daughter said "Vanilla". I informed them that perhaps as soon as this election year there will be a face added to this poster of a man who is black. The expression and response of their little faces is PRICELESS! and is worth my VOTE alone. My son and daughter responded with a childlike innocence, "Mama, that would be real cool!".

If Hillary had won the democratic vote, that would still be history in my lifetime. Instead of emphasizing the color of the next president, I would have emphasized the gender. On that same poster I showed my children, there were no past female Presidents. So this election year has been phenomenally widespread with choices that never existed before for Americans and us Christian Americans.

Sis. RJQueen10

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