Wednesday, June 10, 2009

4 Years To-Da-Day & Stronger

On this day, four years ago, I was anxiously preparing to arrive at Gigi's shop to begin my Sisterlocks journey. Little did I know of the transformation that would occur both externally and internally, making me a better, stronger woman. It has indeed been a Natural Awakening beyond measure.
I have much to share and reflect on - so drop back for some Sisterlocks Blaq'isms and, of course, more Sisterlocks photos!
Until then
Peace, abundant blessings, and light.

Photographer: DH


Nubian1 said...

4 T H
L O C K D O M ! ! ! ! !

still waters said...

Congrats Blaq

You continue to be an inspiration. I celebrate with and for you!!!

one love still

Anonymous said...

Nice, very Nice! :)

I cannot wait to get to my 4 yrs.
{actually, with this new set of locks, I am waiting on yr. two!}

Take care~

Nicki said...

Your hair and you are simply beautiful!

Anonymous said...


Congrats on 4 years of amazing growth in every way. You continue to be an inspiration to us all.

Take care,
(26 months locked)

Felicia said...

You are my lock-star!! Please continue to insprie us with your natural awakening!!

JUST Euphoria said...

congrats in 9 days I will be 1 year and I see ya flexing your muscles

V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

Happy 4 Years!

Your locks look lovely as always!

Natasha Dyer said...

That picture says it all! Your physical strength, your locks and your beauty! Do it Blaq!!

Tequila Jackson Allen said...


Blaq, Happy 4 yrs in October of this yr I too will be 4yrs sisterlock....

Nu-Me said...

Congrats! Your hair is beautiful.

CaribSun said...

Congrats on your 4th year and thank you for sharing all your ups and downs with us. You are an inspiration to me.

Anonymous said...

Happy Locversary!!!

My 3 year was today as well!! WOOHOO!!!

Miss Two said...

Congratulations on your fourth loc-iversary! I've followed you for a while, since before I locked my hair the 'good ol'fashioned way'- twisted it and then just let it grow, I wanted Sisterlocks. What a transition, from customer to loctician! Your personality and drive are an inspiration to me.

I had a question- someone mentioned that it is possible to transition from nonSisterlocs to Sisterlocks without cutting off my current locs. From what you know from training, is this true?

Regardless, keep doing what you do!


Aya said...

Congratulations on 4 years of being locked. They are truly beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Blaq!
I want to thank you for your blog; it helped me decide to get sisterlocks. I must say that I have never been as happy with my hair as when I started locking. Fifteen months later, I feel so free! I have a question that I hope you'll address. Some of my locks are very weak in the middle. It's almost like they're loose hair, then they go back to being locks towards the ends. How can I fix this? I'm not due to see my consultant for a while and I've noticed that this is in several locks. I don't want a weak spot to ruin good locks. What do you suggest? One more question if you please, how long did it take you to fully lock? Most of my back is locked, but I've still got frizzies and straight ends everywhere! They're driving me crazy!

Anxious Locker

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for your blog. You helped me a great deal by answering questions that I had concerning sister locks. I have 11 inches of all natural hair. My hair is fine but I have a full healthy head of hair. Your journey from the beginning to now has helped me a great deal. I now know what to expect and that my locks will get thicker as they mature. I do have a few questions, I would appreciate your help if possible. I have a lot of gray, should I color prior to the start of my journey? What questions should I ask in finding a loctician? Since my hair is thin..should I ask for micro's in the front and small in the back? I met a young lady who's hair was similar to mine she gave me her Locticians number. She mentioned that the consultant also wears sister locks. Do you think this is a good sign. Well if you help, I will appreciate it, however you have already helped me so much. I'm so excited!!

Your hair is beautiful, and so is your spirit.... It shines just as much as your locks. Be Blessed! joy

Sisterlock Adoration said...

YEA Blaq! That's really awesome. I can't believe we were like sisterlock babies a couple of years ago. It seems like forever! Oh the time passes so quickly.
My hubby and I are coming to OKC in mid-July for his class reunion. I'd love to meet up with you. Let me know if you'll be around.

Anonymous said...

because of your faithful blog entry , i was inspired to get sisterlocks and I am soo happy. I originally had my install scheduled for 1 day and then changed to 2 days after reading your blog, much better to break up the time. Thanks so much for all the info!!!

TL Johnson said...
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TL Johnson said...

Hi Blaq

I plan to have my sisterlocks installed at the end of the month. I had my first consultation in early June...I've been researching like crazy and still had some reservations, when I Googled images of sisterlocks and your blog popped up. For the past 4-5 days I've been reading your older entries. I must say this has truly been a treat for me.

I'm going through several life altering changes (process of filing for divorce, return to school, newly single mom) and I'm sure you can imagine, there are moments when emotions run high. But who knew that on a blog about sisterlocks I'd find you're entry on Sunday, June 27, 2008, just the encouragement I needed? It has inspired me, uplifted me and I've even shed a few tears. I am grateful that you decided to allow others to take this journey with you...

Much Love,

BlaqKofi said...

Thanks for all the love everyone. It is much appreciated.!

BlaqKofi said...

lilchocolategurl, please tell me how I can contact you. Or email me directly at

Creyole said...

Girl, you are working those locks! So very proud of you!!!

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