Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Michael That I Choose To See

Michael Jackson and I are relatively the same age - separated by about 16 months. His untimely death and my impending 50th birthday has caused me to do a great deal self reflection. I'm more focused than ever on living my dreams and trying to be happy for, as evidenced by Michael, Bernie Mac, Isaac Hayes, Farah Fawcett, Billy Mays, David Carradine, Gerald Levert, Sean Levert and others, tomorrow is not promised.

His death has touched me, troubled me, hurt me. As a young girl, my bedroom walls were plastered with Jackson 5 photos. I would save every dime to buy a teen magazine for another photo to add to my collection. The first concert I ever attended was to see the Jackson 5. I wrote Michael countless, nine-year-old-never-mailed-fan-letters.

So much has been written and said about Michael's life - there's not much left to say. As I struggled to process his death along with all that's occuring in my life, I received an email from a friend of mine, Linda Jones of Dallas, whose words fully captured my feelings about Michael, his death and how I choose to remember him. You may read
The Michael That I Choose To See here.

I haven't had much time to blog. Despite less frequent updates I am encouraged by the constant emails and messages I receive from queens who are discovering their inner beauty and strength through their naturalness, Sisterlocks and
Natural Awakenings.

My locks remain healthy and strong. Not much change other than added length. My Sisterlocks customer base continues to grow and I am blessed. I am awaiting certification notifcation from the Home Office.

Until then, I ask that you lift me as I lift you.

Peace, abundant blessings and light.


Mad love to lilchocolategurl.
Click photos for greater detail.

Post Script. I posted this about 2:30 p.m. Went for a run, came back and in that short period of time I learned that we have now lost Steve McNair. More proof that tomorrow....?????


Anonymous said...

Hi Blaqkofi,
I love your blog and see that you are becoming a certified consultant. May I ask you a few questions about my loc progress? I notice that some of my ends seem to be unraveling, how can I fix this myself? I go to a consultant, but never seem to notice these things until she's done retightening. What do I do about locs that seem to be thin in the middle? I'm very worried because I love my locs and want them to be just as fabulous as yours. Lastly, to save money, I'm going to start maintaining my own locs with a nappyloc tool (I haven't taken the class, but I am aware of how to do my reverse four pattern) and have my consultant retighten my hair every other time. Does this really save money in the long run, or can it cause loc issues that I'll just have to pay to fix later?

Thanks so much for your advice,
Worried locs

BlaqKofi said...

Dear Worried Locs,

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. One of the things we are taught in the Sisterlocks Consultant training is that it is impossible to adequately evaluate someone's hair without seeing it. With that said, I'd suggest that you contact your consultant regardings the issues that you've listed here, even if it's after you've left her shop. Most consultants are available to answer their clients questions or concerns whether or not they are sitting in their chair. She should be intimately familiar with your hair and able to provide you with better feedback than I can from afar.

Please know that each of my locks individually aren't perfect. I have a few that are thinning in sections, and have even broken off. But collectively, they are healthy and beautiful. Don't over analyze things.

Felicia said...

It's during times like this when I stop and realize that life is not a dress rehearsal. You're on the stage right now!!! Get busy living out loud!! Make a mark that cannot be erased!!

locstory said...

Hi BlaqKofi,

I want to thank you for your generosity in sharing your sisterlocks journey experiences. Your blog is a reference and I come back regularly to compare and learn. I am just starting on my own journey (6 weeks) and I avidly read the beginning of your journey to compare with what I am experiencing. Your blog has helped me to keep calm and be patient about my locs. Your pictures are gorgeous and I hope and pray that my hair looks just as good in due time. Of course every journey is unique, but having a safeguard to channel me into the right direction is absolutely priceless.
Thanks so much for being so giving and so beautiful,
God Bless, Paula.

new2locs said...

Hey Blaq,
I'm approaching my 1 year & decided to go back in your blog to see what your experience was when approaching one year. As you, I've had a tremendous experience with my loc's evolving & changing every month. This is not the first time that I've gone back thru your blog, but this time I noticed you had dedicated two entries to your sister that I had not noticed before. I hope you don't mind my asking but I was just curious as to how she's doing now? I hope that I'm not being to personal by asking, just concerned is all. It's funny how you in a way become attached to ppl although you don't really know them & that's thru following your blog. Just to let you know your blog is what led me to the final decision to lock in the first place.
Be blessed & Take Care

still waters said...

This is a phenomenal post and I a grateful you took the time to put things into perspective. MJ's death has made me even more aware that we are called to do the best we can with what we have and for the time we have been given the rest is between us and the creator...the 'world' will tear you down as fast as they build you up!!!

one love still
continue to be true to you as you continue to inspire!!!

Charizma00! Braidlocks and More said...

I just stopped by to tell you thank you so much for sharing your world with us all. Your blog has been an emence (sp) encouragement to me. Your hair is beautiful and so are you. Congrats on all your accomplishments. I'll be stopping by more often.

Happiest Nappy said...

Blaq, I am waiting for you to post...I need my dose!!! LOL.

Hope all is well. I am so proud of you! I showed my husband your blog and told him how your progress helped me recognize my own. Now, he is my biggest SL advocate too. He loves my hair and has a healthy respect for natural hair now. I told him most of what I learned was straight from your blog.

So thank you for the inspiration!

Be blessed.

Spicylocks said...

Congratulations on your certification. All of our clients are very lucky to have you as all of your installs have been impecable. I too was thrown for a loop upon learning of the death of Micheal Jackson. I tried to get tickets for his memorial service. I was deeply saddened to realize how troubled he had been and felt that he had been misunderstood for the majority of his life. May he finally rest in eternal peace.

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