Wednesday, August 12, 2009

That's BlaqKofi's Momma

Mom Sisterlocks 25MMom recently celebrated her two year loc'versary. I'm so proud of her. Here's mom a mere two years later with locks sitting on her shoulders, getting compliments left and right and having to pull her hair up off her neck. She even surprised me and did her own braidout for Sunday church. Don't know why I was surprised - that's BlaqKofi's momma.

Mom never studied Sisterlocks or natural hair. She doesn't even own a computer. I remember feeling uncertain and nervous accompanying her to the consultation, still not quite believing she would commit. This is a woman who has been on the same job for 35 plus years - to say she's not a proponant of change is a major understatement. I so firmly knew this facet of her that my mind never even remotely processed the equation of Mom + Natural + Sisterlocks. Don't know why not - that's BlaqKofi's momma.

Mom Sisterlocked 25M
Consultation complete, test locks installed we thanked my consultant, Gigi and headed for the car. Once outside...

Mom:"I thought we were going to make my appointment to get them put in?"
Blaq: "Are you sure?"
Mom: "That's what I came here for."
Blaq: "Alright then. Let's go make your appointment."

I was so excited. We turned right around and made her appointment. A month later she was on lock down. Little did I know that while quietly observing my natural awakening, mom in turn was awakened. I should have known. That's BlaqKofi's momma!

Mom Sisterlocked 25M
Two years later, my sister has observed my mom's journey and recently said to me,

Sister: "if my hair could look as good as yours and moms, I'd get Sisterlocks."Blaq: "it can"
Another unlikely equation, or so I thought. She is now preparing to cross over. (I think there's a lesson in there somewhere.)

Each one reach one, teach one, lift one...
Mom Sisterlocks Collage 25M
Until next we meet,

Certified Sisterlocks Consultant

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Nubian1 said...

Lurvvvvveeee the mother daughter be treasured!

The compliments your mom gets left right and centre.....from gentlemen too???? In that case I cant wait till my locks gets that long!!lol

anthia-ofo said...

You both look gorgeous! Your mom looks wonderful - walking ad for SLS for sure. Although she aint my mom I'm so proud of her and I feel like she's representing all moms.

Anonymous said...

You Sisterlocks are both very beautiful, love the pics.

Sisterlocked from London

Muse said...

what a lovely post! i always enjoy reading your blog but i especially liked this entry! tell your mom that her braidout is fierce! :-o)

Kittylocks said...

Mom looks absolutely beautiful. Sisterlocks really are for everyone.Now I see where you get it from...

WandaWoman said...

Your Mom's SLs are amazing and your mother is just beautiful. Of course, that's where you get it from . . .Wonderful news that your sister is contemplating SLs. Soon you will have all of your family crossing over!

LotusDoll said...

Your mother is beautiful and that lush head of hair is what Sisterlocks is all about. You're very lucky to have such a forward thinking mother!

NappTown said...

I ran across your site and it inspired me to get Sisterlocks. I'm gonna have to show my mom this post and maybe you'll reach her too. She is always complaining about her hair, and always complimenting me on mine. I told her to get Sisterlocks and she would love them, but she said she is not sure about it. Maybe this post will clear things up. BTW you and your mom look amazing!

Camille said...
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Allecia said...

You and your mother both look stunning. Best of luck to your sister as she begins her journey.

Goodnapps said...

What a phenomenal update!

Mom's hair is slamming.

Maryee said...

Lovely pics of you and Moms. That made me remember I wanted to do a video collage in the exchange for sisters, daughters, moms, and the such! I must put that on my "all call" before the year's up. Tell your Mom Hi! and I love her Sisterlocks.

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