Sunday, August 30, 2009

Up Do @ 50M

I haven't done much with my hair this summer except wear it mostly in a pony tail because of it's length and the summer heat - did I say length? Oh, the beauty of Sisterlocks!

Today for church I did this quick and easy up do that I thought I'd share with my readers. I took these photos myself using a tripod, so they're not the best. Since I wasn't really happy with most of the shots I included several in the following slideshow hoping that collectively you'll gather a feeling for the style and the ease in recreating it yourself.

How To Create Your Own Up Do

Supplies needed: Hair tie, a few hair pins
Time required: 5 minutes or less

  1. Pull locks into a high pony, ideally using a hair tie. (Hair ties secure the locks without pulling or snagging, they stay in place and they don't give me a headache.)
  2. Gently remove a few locks along the front and nape of the neck if you so desire (to add softness)
  3. Partially separate locks in high pony down the middle, gently pulling each side towards the back, tucking ends underneath hair tie
  4. Smooth and shape, tucking any loose locks with hair pins
  5. Curl locks at nape of neck and front
  6. You're done!

Peace, abundance and light until we meet again.

Certified Sisterlocks Consultant

To all who have written seeking Sisterlocks advice and with questions, please know I don't take you for granted. Life's been very demanding and I've found it difficult to find time to blog and return emails. I will respond to everyone. Thanks so much for visiting Natural Awakenings.


Chocolocs said...

I've been looking for an updo that is easy enough for me to do and one that looks feminine. I think this is it! Thanks, BlaqKofi!!

How do you curl the hanging locks at the nape and in the front??

Thanks for maintaining this awesome Site

You Rock!

LotusDoll said...

Sweet and quick - Thank you!

Tequila Jackson Allen said...

Thanks for sharing th updo Blaqkofi I hear ya life has been demanding I still would like to speak with you regarding my email last week will it be ok to send a text message when a goold some time and see if you are available?

BlaqKofi said...

Great idea Lashaune. Text me.

Enoir said...

Hi BlaqKofi,
Can I first say that your locs are so beautiful.

I want Sisterlocks now. Well, now I'm sure of it. I cut my hair about a month after I graduated from high school. I had stopped perming it 6 months prior to that and it started to break of terrible. I had been considering dreads and did some research. I came across Sisterlocks several months ago and liked them but I decided to go with the regular locks. I think I wasted my time mostly. I cut my hair in July 09 and got my hair twisted for dreads and hated them! Everyone said they were fine. I went back to the salon a few weeks later, and she completely redid them, much smaller and cuter(to me).

Since then I moved and had to switch hair dressers. The new one undid the previous ones and put some big ones in. I'm really fed up with it about now. In a week I'm planing on washing these out and just doing something til I can get with a Consultant.

Reading through your blog, gave me a chance to really see more pics of Sisterlocks. I'm pretty sure they are what I want. The only thing is, my hair is really short in some places, can I still get Sisterlocks?

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!... Do you all really think she's about
to be 50yrs old this year.. No, oh ok, thank
you me neither and my Uncle Billy says
otherwise also.. Lmao.. ( inside joke)!!! 1luv

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